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Emerging Sectors

Although, New Zealand has consistently been titled as one of the safe haven economies and whilst the Asia Pacific has its substantial impact on the change and stability of the New Zealand economy, the housing bubble has had a persisting impact on the property market. Not only have property prices doubled since 2004 with interest rates on an all time low, household debt has significantly leaped over the years too.

Economists remain sceptical over New Zealand's economy due to its paradoxical state in being caught up between a constrained debt based financial and consumption model and in the midst of longer term investment decisions resulting in an emergence of technically efficient sectors. Studies highlight that change is ongoing and is driven by technology and global markets.

The primary sectors of New Zealand are agricultural based with Petroleum and Minerals also amongst the biggest by market capitalization. There are High and Medium Technology based manufacturing industries including Wood and Paper, Food and Beverages, Chemicals and Refining and Knowledge intensive Services including Media and Telecommunications, Property, Finance and Insurance, Logistics, Health, Education as well as Professional and Technical services.

Technology and Information Communications are New Zealand's fastest growing sectors as their impact is extensive and exhaustive in nature contributing nearly $20 billion to the economy and employing more than 62,000 people. Research and Development expenditure is substantial with high tech companies spending an average of 8% of their revenues on R & D Projects. Universities play a critical role in fostering Research and Development, and innovation in the New Zealand economy with governments connecting public-private partnerships often through pumping investment into the education sector along with other projects to initiate growth.

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