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Test Score (Scholarships)

Big Announcement Students!!


Many of top ranking US universities and colleges are pleased to offer a significant number of international scholarships to well qualified students. This document provides an overview of three categories: First, academic or merit based scholarships and awards; second, financial assistance in the form of work-ship and graduate assistantship; third and final, external opportunities. Please be aware that all scholarships listed on this page are for the applicants meeting the criteria and will be awarded at the discretion of the applying universities/colleges. We, at Bradford, only assist you to make the applications process accurate and easy.

As all universities/colleges have their own offers and criteria, our team at Bradford would help you make the choices upon your formal processing.

Below are the offers from one of the 1st Tier universities in the USA. To encourage only the serious applicants, we, for an example, indicate this offer from a university named as “XYZ University”.



International Education Scholarship (IES):

This scholarship is available to new international undergraduate students who meet a specific set of requirements at the point of admission. The scholarship is equal to tuition discount of approximately: $5.000 (based on 24 credit hours in the first academic year) or about $6,300 (based on 30 credit hours in the first academic year).


To Qualify: In order to obtain this scholarship students must meet the following requirements:

- Must score 6.5 (Overall) in IELTS or TOEFL 80 iBT


- Have home GPA equal to 2.0 US GPA or approximately 65%

- Submit a one page resume/cv of their accomplishments

- Complete the remaining admission requirements as it'll be availabke, but before July 1st.


Deadline: By last admission deadline. This scholarship is awarded on a selective, need and/or qualified basis to international undergraduate students that meet the selection conditions above.

Obligations: In order to keep this scholarship, you must be enrolled full-time in academic courses (minimum 12 hours) each semester and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 out of 4.0. This Scholarship is for FIRST year ONLY. Students accepting this scholarship should make themselves available to assist the International Office during various activities and projects, such as cultural presentation of your home country.

NOTE: Achieve 3.0 GPA your first year to upgrade to Honor Scholarship, see below.


Honor Student Scholarship

This scholarship is guaranteed to international undergraduate students who excel during their studies at XYZ University.

To Qualify: Have completed at least 30 semester credit hours at Troy University and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. The 2013-14 value is equal to half tuition, currently $264 per credit hour and remains in effect as long as the student keeps a cumulative 3.0 GPA or higher.

What does this mean in real $$$: Tuition deduction per year based on 24 credit hours would be $6,336 or $7,920 when taking 30 credit hours.

There is no application or deadline for the Honor Scholarship.

International Elite Scholarships

XYZ University offers a substantial number of full and partial Elite scholarships to international students with exceptionally high academic achievements. These scholarships are only available to first year undergraduate (freshman) students entering XYZ University with the intent to obtain at least a four year bachelor’s degree. Students must fulfill all regular undergraduate requirements as well as one of the two Elite requirements listed below:

The Millennium Scholar's Award (full-ride scholarship: tuition, room and board): Requirements are 31 ACT (composite score) or 1380* SAT 1 and strong high school Grade Point Average (GPA) equal to an American 3.7 GPA (4.0 scale).

The Chancellor's Award (full tuition): Requirements are 27 ACT (composite score) or 1220* SAT 1 and strong high school Grade Point Average (GPA) equal to an American 3.5 GPA (4.0 scale).

Internal Note: Unlimited numbers to be awarded per semester.

Both scholarships may be renewed every year (for a maximum of four years) that the student attends XYZ University and completes the following requirements: Students must maintain full-time status and accumulate a minimum GPA of 3.3 (The Millennium Scholar’s) or 3.0 (The Chancellor’s Award).

* Calculation of SAT Score: Current SAT test format consist of three separate tests each worth 800 points. XYZ University will only calculate the scores obtained on part 1 (critical reading) and part 2 (math). Your score from part 3 (writing) is not calculated towards the requirements listed above. The requirements must therefore be reached from maximum obtainable score of 1600 points, where a minimum of 430 points must be obtained from part 1 (critical reading). If you have taken a test multiple times, you can use the best result from either to “stag” the highest result.

While XYZ University will accept student’s scanned score card for admission, official institutional report must be submitted prior to enrollment for the Awards to take effect. XYZ University’s institutional code for ACT is 0048 and the SAT / ETS is 1738.


Financial Obligations: Students awarded either of the scholarships must be prepared and able to document the ability to sustain the remaining cost associated with studying at XYZ University. For The Millennium Scholar's Award the remaining I-20 amount is about $3,000 per year. For The Chancellor's Award the remaining I-20 amount is approximately $9,000 per year. Additional fund for personal expenditures are additional.


Application procedures: If you qualify for one of the Elite scholarships you will in addition to the general admission guidelines need to submit the following documents to the International Recruitment Office:

  • Complete the scholarship application form; - Submit your resume/cv;
  • Submit a one page essay on one of following topics:
  • About your motivation/passion to become an Elite scholar? o What you hope to achieve while studying at XYZ University? About the most exciting or exceptional event in your life?
  • Or a combination of the above?
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.


Early Deadline: Applicatuoins with the available academic documents must be submitted by February 1st, while the remaining supporting documents, i.e. test scores of IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, must be with the University by April 1st for fall/August semester considerations and October 1st for spring/January semester for consideration.

GENERAL NOTE: Students enrolled in ESL (meaning those having no or low test scores) are not eligible for the Millennium and Chancellor’s Scholarships. None of the scholarships are staged, for example the New Prepared is not awarded on top of Honors Student Scholarship and the Honors Student Scholarship is not awarded on top of the Elite Awards.


Graduate Assistantships & Fellowships

Graduate Assistantships (GA) are available throughout various departments. The assistantship generally provide one free course per semester and waives the out-of-state tuition as well as provide a stipend for approximately $7,500 per year. Students should review XYZ University’s Human Resources web-site for GA listings and/or contact various departments of interest for details. Note that GA’s are competitive and very often difficult to achieve prior to enrollment.

For more information, go to Graduate Assistantships Guidelines. We at Bradford would be happy to be on your side.


On-campus Jobs

International students are permitted to work on-campus only for up to 20 hours per week, depending on job availability, their skills and English proficiency. Requirements for on-campus work positions: good academic standing (min 2.5 GPA) and full-time student status. Please note that on-campus jobs are limited in availability and very competitive.

***Students are allowed to have only one on-campus job.


This section will offer suggestion to external opportunities that you can research yourself. This list is far from complete and you should take the proactive initiative to find such opportunities.

Banks and Investment Companies

Many larger banks or corporations may offer low or no interest student loans or investment stipends to specifically talented students. You should check with your own bank or companies that you may have an interest in for these type opportunities.

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