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Message from Managing Director

Dear future student,

We'd like to welcome you to Bradford. You've chosen the right place for your study abroad plans…congratulations! Many of you may not have a clue about choosing the right destination or a suitable program and that’s ok and completely normal. There are so many great study destinations to choose from these days, such as Australia, USA, Ireland, UK, Canada and many more. You have many dreams in life yet to come true. One of the most important decisions in your life would be when you're thinking about going overseas for your further studies.

In today’s world, gaining higher education from universities at home is sometimes not enough in the global job market. Why not be one of the ever-increasing international students who study at the world's top institutions. This can lead to a rewarding career… far beyond your expectations!

The more you explore your options, the more you will discover just how much the world has on offer you. It’s always advisable to seek the help of an experienced consultant to guide you and help you to choose from all the options available, in order to make the right decision. A consultant, who can guide you along the right path towards your most suited career, is the one you can always rely on.

We offer top quality test preparation classes and study abroad counseling services. We specialize in placing students in: USA, Australia, Ireland, UK & Canada. With our expertise in education and immigration, we're constantly assisting our students with admissions as well as scholarships at foreign institutions. Since our establishment in 2006, with our regular visits to partner institutions overseas, we've created a wide, growing network and have a well-respected name within the industry.

We not only help students with initial processing up until visa decisions, we also assist with your travel arrangements and overseas accommodation. We really do help you and support you…every step of the way. Having classes from professional instructors, students test results have always supported successful documentation for their scholarships and favorable visa decisions.

Again, we'd like to thank our students, well-wishers and our partner institutions overseas for choosing to support us. We look forward to helping you soon. Why not get in touch to make an appointment to come in for a chat.

Wishing you the best till then!

Pawan Bista

Managing Director
Bradford Education Consultancy (P) Ltd.


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